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Picture-Perfect Sunflower Fields and Pick Your Own Posies in Full Bloom

Sunflower season is upon us, and Pennsylvania is home to some pretty spectacular flower fields. Whether you’re collecting a...

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Cheers to the New Whiskey Rebellion Trail

In 1794, farmers and distillers from western Pennsylvania rose up to protest the federal government’s whiskey tax — this revolt is known as the Whiskey Rebellion. Happy Travelers can now visit the heart of Whiskey Rebellion...

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Triple the Scoops (and Trails!) on the Pennsylvania #PursueYourScoops Ice Cream Trail

Happy Travelers can never have enough farm-fresh ice cream! The Pennsylvania #PursueYourScoops Ice Cream Trail — or should we say trails? — is back and better than ever.

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Discover Unique Amenities at One of These 11 Pennsylvania Campgrounds

Whatever your preferred camping style, Pennsylvania has the perfect spot to reconnect with the outdoors and leave your cares behind. Enjoy golf courses, swimming pools, and amusement parks then spend the night sleeping...

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Getaways for your Bachelor (Mancation) Weekend

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly location for your buddy’s bachelor party before the big day or just a guys weekend, look no further. Pennsylvania is packed with unique experiences and great outdoor activities...

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Summer Events and Festivals in Pennsylvania

Gear up, Happy Travelers — a summer full of events and festivals awaits! Get ready for county fairs, historic festivals, and tons of food and entertainment. Pursue your happiness soaking up the sunshine at a summer festival...