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Night of the Living Dead 50th Anniversary Events

From haunted houses and ghost stories to eerie monsters and zombies, terror awaits you around every corner and fear reigns supreme when Halloween rolls around in Pennsylvania. Add in the 50th anniversary of George Romero’s iconic Night of the Living Dead, an independent horror film shot just outside of Pittsburgh, and you’ve got activities that aren’t designed for the faint of heart. Fortunately, the Happy Traveler is a total dare devil, always ready to shred those nerves. Check out all the ways you can take an undead adventure at these upcoming Romero-related events, paying homage to Night of the Living Dead’s golden year.

1. Scarehouse


Get up close and personal with hordes of the walking dead at ScareHouse, one of the scariest haunted houses in the nation. The new Pittsburgh zombies’ attraction is the perfect place to give yourself a fright while celebrating George Romero’s legacy.

When: Sept. 14-Nov. 3

Where: 118 Locust Street, Pittsburgh

Cost: Costs vary

2. Lehigh Valley Screampark

Lehigh Valley Screampark

Ward off the zombie hordes at Lehigh Valley Screampark’s Ground Breakers Zombie Thrill Ride in Orefield. The mile-long thrill ride takes place on a military truck, equipped with paintball guns to fend off the living dead. Navigate through a complex course, including an infected military camp, construction zones, toxic waste dump, zombie town, and areas that are top secret to the public.

When: Sept.29-Nov.3

Where: 2951 Betz Court, Orefield

Cost: Costs vary

3. An Empire of The Dead: A History of George A. Romero


Join your fellow horror lovers in Pittsburgh to discuss George Romero’s career through a survey of his sixteen feature films. Monstrum, a peer-reviewed journal of studies in horror and related areas, editors Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare and Kristopher Woofter will lead An Empire of The Dead: A History of George A. Romero, encouraging attendees to uncover how the transgressive power of monsters reveal uncomfortable truths about our world.

When: Oct. 5

Where: 4200 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: Free

4. Screening of George A. Romero’s Season of The Witch with Filmmaker Peggy Ahwesh

season of the witch film poster

Grab your popcorn for a screening of George Romero’s Season of the Witch. Following the film, join filmmaker Peggy Ahwesh and the University of Pittsburgh’s Ben Ogrodnik in a lively conversation regarding production and Romero’s influence and legacy in the industry.

When: Oct. 5

Where: 117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh

Cost: Free, registration encouraged

5. Zombietown USA

Get ready for a zombie invasion at Zombietown USA in Altoona. Come out to enjoy the unique, immersive festival which features hands-on, zombie-themed live action events, contests, food, and entertainment.

When: Oct. 5-6

Where: 1216 11th Avenue, Altoona

Cost: Free

6. Living Dead Weekend

living dead weekend

Find yourself in the “zombie capital of the world” at Living Dead Weekend in Evans City, perfect for ghoulish travelers like you. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead in the place it was filmed with the people who made it. Relive your favorite onscreen moments with a movie location tour, engage in a meet and greet with the film’s original cast and crew, and tour the Living Dead Museum.

When: Oct. 5-7

Where: Various locations in Evans City

Cost: Costs vary

7. Zombie Resistance

Grab your squad and get ready to play Zombie Resistance, a four-player, linear story-driven adventure through the ruins of a deserted drive-in theater near State College. Work together to keep zombie damage down to a minimum, while solving puzzles and making decisions. All the equipment used in the game is infrared-based with no projectiles.

When: Oct. 5-Nov. 3

Where: 1100 Benner Pike, State College

Cost: Costs vary

8. Night of the Writing Dead

night of the writing dead

Do you ever dream of living – or writing – in a post-apocalyptic world? Here’s your chance! Grab your pen and paper for Night of the Writing Dead, a writer’s retreat designed specifically for fans of the living dead in Pittsburgh. Hosted by Amazon Top 100 Horror authors Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn, the program honors the city that gave birth to the modern zombie genre.

When: Oct. 6-7

Where: 4115 Butler Street, Pittsburgh

Cost: Costs vary

9. Symposium on the Cinema of George A. Romero

romero lives Pittsburg Celebrates

Gather with distinguished filmmakers and scholars for a panel discussion on George Romero’s immense impact on the horror genre, cinema, and popular culture during the Symposium on the Cinema of George A. Romero in Pittsburgh. Make sure you stay for a screening of The American Nightmare, a documentary that explores the radical horror cinema of the 1970s.

When: Oct. 6

Where: 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: Free

10. 50th Anniversary Screening of Night of the Living Dead

night of the living dead

Get red carpet-ready for the 50th Anniversary Screening of Night of the Living Dead. The re-premiere allows fans to return to the place where it all began. The event features a new 4K state-of-the-art restoration, created by the Museum of Modern Art from the original camera negative.

When: Oct. 6

Where: 101 6th Street Pittsburgh

Cost: Costs vary

11. Romero of Tomorrow Short Film Horror Contest

romero of tomorrow

Discover how much horror you can handle during the Romero of Tomorrow Short Film Horror Contest in Pittsburgh. Attend the film competition to catch multiple screenings of the best submissions at the Melwood Screening Room.

When: Oct. 7

Where: 477 Melwood Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: $5

12. 21+ Night: Romero Lives!

Suit up in your best Halloween attire to explore the science of the dead at Carnegie Science Center’s 21+ Night: Romero Lives! Get hands on with ghoulish actives such as interactive demonstrations, sip through the night with a cash bar, groove to live music, and explore four floors of exhibits. For a special treat, check out Creepshow playing in the Rangos Giant Cinema.

When: Oct. 12

Where: 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: $15

13. Phipps Conservatory Fall Flower Show

Romero at Phipps conservatory

Visit Phipps Conservatory’s newest exhibit Fall Flower Show: 125 Years of Wonder. Creep through a George Romero-inspired tribute as the glasshouse’s winding Serpentine Room is transformed into a Night of the Living Dead experience filled with spooky plants, bats, tombstones, a zombie photo op, and photos of George with the legendary corpse flower named in his honor.

When: Oct. 13-Nov. 4

Where: 1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh

Cost: $17.95 for adults, $16.95 for seniors and students with ID, $11.95 for children ages 2-18, and free for members

14. Filmmakers Corner

filmmakers corner

Pittsburgh’s city-wide Romero Lives celebration continues with a presentation on WQED. Tune into “Filmmakers Corner,” the television station’s show for local independent artists, for an interview with host Minette Seate and special guests Suzanne Desrocher Romero, Gloria Forouzan, and Lori Cardille.

When: Oct. 13

Where: Pittsburgh

Cost: Free

15. Horror, Philosophy, and Night of the Living Dead

The Philosophy of Horror or Paradoxes of the heart

Put on your academic hat for Horror, Philosophy, and Night of the Living Dead. The upcoming lecture on the horror genre features visiting fellow Noël Carroll from CUNY Graduate Center, Philosophy. You’ll also hear responses from Adam Lowenstein and Adam Hart, two staff members with the University of Pittsburgh’s Film Studies Program.

When: Oct. 18

Where: 4200 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: Free

16. Faces of Romero: CMU International Film Festival Horror Series

Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival

Tartans, unite! Gather with the Carnegie Melon University crew for an outing to Faces of Romero: CMU International Film Festival Horror Series. Sit back for a movie marathon featuring three screenings of international horror films in the spirit of George Romero.

When: Oct. 19-21

Where: 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and students

17. Haunted Museum After Dark: Year of the Zombie

after the dark carnegie museum of Natural history

Lose your mind at Haunted Museum After Dark: Year of the Zombie in Pittsburgh. Wear your best costume to explore the real-life zombies of the natural world, watch a brain dissection and learn about the nutritional value of the organ, and take part in a museum-wide adult trick-or-treat. Close out the spooky evening with a Night of the Living Dead screening on a silver screen.

When: Oct. 26

Where: 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: $15 for adults, $13.50 for members

18. Living Dead Meets Walking Dead: Zombies in Pittsburgh

Think you know zombies? Think again. Spend your night at Living Dead Meets Walking Dead: Zombies in Pittsburgh for an evening of ghoul-filled fun. Dive into Pittsburgh’s zombie connections, hear all about the Smithsonian’s work to collect zombie history, meet icons of the local zombie film tradition, grab a zombie cocktail, and walk away with a (fake) zombie bite.

When: Oct. 26

Where: 1212 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh

Cost: $14

19. Knights of the Living Dead

knights of the arcade

Do you love the theater? Then take the spotlight on stage for Knights of the Living Dead in Pittsburgh. The special undead-themed adventure takes place as a live Dungeons & Dragons game played by comedians, improvisers, tried-and-true geeks...and you!

When: Oct. 27

Where: 943 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: Free

20. Beechview Halloween Block Party

Beechview Halloween Block Party

Get ready for a faboolous time at the Beechview Halloween Block Party. Held in honor of horror icon George Romero, the bash will feature trick or treaters, a parade with a “float of horrors,” and various witching hour activities.

When: Oct. 31

Where: 1701 Coast Avenue, Pittsburgh

Cost: Free admission, pay as you go

21. Zombie Fun Run

Zombie Fun Run poster

Experience the thrills of being chased by blood thirsty zombies during the Zombie Fun Run in Mountville.  Run through mud, crawl over obstacles, and jump through fire and man-made obstacles. Try the course during the day or run it under the stars for a more intense experience.

When: Nov. 10

Where: 191 College Avenue, Mountville

Cost: Costs vary

22. Zombie World at Shocktoberfest

people in zombies disguise

For the 27th year of Shocktoberfest, the haunted scream park in Sinking Spring will transform into Zombie World. Go on a zombie safari hayride, take a tour of the Prison of the Dead, and play zombie laser tag.

When: Fall

Where: 94 Park Avenue, Sinking Spring

Cost: Costs vary

23. Night of the Living Dead & Bonus Zombie Events in Pennsylvania

zombies of the corn

Got aim? Let’s see what you’re working with when it comes to paintballs and attacks. Shoot zombies while riding on the zombie fighting vehicle at Zombies of the Corn in Freedom.  

When: Fall

Where: 282 Rochester Road, Freedom

Cost: Costs vary

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