Happy Thoughts

Hey, Happy Traveler.

Yeah, we’re talking to you… the one who lets serendipity ride shotgun. We’ve packed you a suitcase full of best of the best must-dos, clever tips, recipes, and great stories to inspire your today and plan your tomorrow.

Where does a great trip begin? With a GPS? NO! That only tells you where you are and maybe the next turn. Is it by browsing hotel listings or studying a fist-full of brochures? Probably not. We have found, and bet you’ll agree, that a great trip begins with great story from a good friend (or great source, ahem).

Under the hood of this site you’ll find travel stories that put a smile on your face along with lifestyle tips wrapped in happiness. We also want to use this space to spread the word that whoever you are, no matter what you love to do, know that happiness is Pennsylvania’s keystone. It lives in our historic treasures. Our dynamic urban spaces. Our greater-than-great outdoors. It’s around every corner.

So come along for the ride. Each month, we will update this site with stories from our e-newsletter and add new stories and videos as they pop up. You will find what travelers and locals are buzzing about along with advice from our friends in the field –you know, chefs, park rangers, farmers, master gardeners, curators, bartenders, and maybe even a weather prognosticating groundhogs. You get the picture.

Mix it up. Make it yours. Visit soon and build your own personal must-do list with stops plotted in every corner of our warm and welcoming state.

But wait, there’s more…if Happy Thoughts has inspired you to pack your bags, you can find all you need to round-out your trip at visitPA.com. Think of Happy Thoughts as the great story teller by the camp fire and visitPA.com as the instruction manual on how to build the fire.  

And, remember great trips begin with a good advice shared by friends, so please pass along Happy Thoughts to all who are pursuing happiness (you can take credit, we won’t mind).

DISCLAIMER: Happy Thoughts, visitPA.com, and the Happy Traveler guide are crafted by the Pennsylvania Tourism Office and they’re on the house just for you.